Spring Bar Cart

     Hi everyone, Happy Spring!! This is one of my favorite times of the year.  In Arizona, Spring comes and goes pretty quickly, but that doesn\’t make it any less fun to celebrate it!  Along with Spring starting, Easter is right around the corner.  Generally, decoration wise, when someone thinks of these two things they usually think pastel colors and candy.  This is exactly what this month\’s bar cart features!

     This is probably the second cutest cart I\’ve done, right behind February\’s cart, hopefully you think so too!  My favorite aspect is the peeps vase, and this is super easy to do.  There\’s actually a big shot glass in the vase holding the flowers with water and the peeps are on the outside edge of the shot glass in the actual vase so they don\’t get wet 🙂  

     I also found these cute little nests at Joann\’s to add a more natural look (they\’re doing 20% off any purchase right now!), along with a cute banner, fun sign and graphic napkins for a little sparkle.  Of course I also had to get the Easter M&Ms mix to add into the candy dish (it\’s definitely my favorite mix solely because of the colors).    

XOXO, Cierra

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