6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before My First Cruise

     Hi everyone!  This spring break I did something I\’ve never done before, I went on a cruise!  We did the Carnival 4-day Mexico cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada.  I was super excited to go and relax for a few days, but wasn\’t really sure what to expect.  My parents had been on a cruise a few years prior and my friend I went with has been on a few as well so they gave me some tips.  I also googled and Pinterested a lot before I left.  However, even the most preparation can\’t make everything perfect, so here\’s what I wish I had known before now that I have gone!

1.  Everything you read about over packing is real.  I read so many blogs and my mom told me not to over pack and I really tried not to, yet somehow I brought probably twice as much stuff as I needed.  I only really ended up wearing a few casual outfits, like one nice dinner outfit, pajamas, and one bikini.  Everything else is just wasted space, seriously!

2. You probably won\’t actually get that lost.  I know for me this was a big concern because the ship seems so large and confusing, but I promise you get the hang of the basic places by the end of the first day.  Even if you do end up lost, just think of it as a nice little tour and maybe you\’ll find something you didn\’t know was there. 

3. The drink package is well worth its cost.  I was hesitant to get it, but while I may be bias as a 21 year old college student, I thought that having 15 drinks a day and not having them all already paid for was extremely convenient.  For reference, we both went through all 15 drinks each day.

4. Along with drinks, I was surprised by the food.  It\’s actually awesome and the selection is incredible.  While I may have eaten the tacos everyday for lunch, don\’t be afraid to try new things!  I had my first taste of escargot at dinner because why not, and I actually loved it!

5.  Not having phone service is not the worst thing to happen to you.  I thought I would be really upset to not have my phone working for part of the trip, but honestly it was so refreshing.  I spent more time just enjoying being with the people I was with and less time on Insta.  

6. Time goes by super fast.  Before you know it you have all these new friends and know where everything is, and it\’s the last day.  So make sure to get out and about, meet people, and enjoy your time!
XOXO, Cierra

2 thoughts on “6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before My First Cruise

  1. WOW BEST WEEK EVER!!! What a time. Lets do it again soon


  2. Such a fun & interesting adventure to say the least! T-minus 11 days until a repeat


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