1 Day in…Boston, MA

Sometimes you just need a getaway and what better way to do that than to spend one day somewhere you’ve never been!  This is exactly what my mom and I did in Boston, Massachusetts. We wanted to see what it was like but didn’t have a lot of time to spend there so we spent 1 day in the city and I’m going to tell you all about it!  

We started off the day landing in Boston at about noon, our next flight was at 6, this meant we had to use our time wisely.  I found the perfect solution to avoid lugging our carry ons through the city that not only solved that, but also allowed us to be near the water which we always love!  We took Rowe’s Warf Water Taxi from Logan Airport to the downtown Boston Harbor area. It was so easy! All we had to do was take a free shuttle (shuttle 66) from the baggage claim area to the water taxi pickup area.  There are two taxi companies that use the same dock area, but only Rowe’s Warf offers baggage storage so we looked for their sign, waited about 20 minutes, and then our boat was there! Our captain was very pleasant, we paid our $30 each (card only, which includes the cost to hold baggage and the trip back to the airport) and then we were off!  This view of Boston is really unique because unless you’re on a water taxi or take a day charter cruise you would never see it. We were the only passengers on our boat and took the opportunity to get in as many pictures as we could! In all to get to the other side of the harbor from the airport, including the shuttle and wait time, it took about 45 minutes.  Once we were at the dock we took our bags to the water taxi office, they took our bags, and gave us a claim ticket. We also requested our ride back to the airport for later that afternoon before we left. The hours for Rowe’s Warf Water Taxi services are normally 7am-7pm, though they are extended to 10pm from April 2-November 1. This would also be a fantastic option if you opted to stay at any of the hotels near the airport and wanted to get across the harbor to the city.  

The dock area we arrived to where the office was located was very cute.  It had a few restaurants and many apartment buildings. We opted to start adventuring and walked about 5 minutes to Christopher Columbus park and Long Warf where you can walk along the waterfront, sit for a picnic, play with your dog, or just wander.  Right in this area as well we found a huge market area called Quincy Market. This was a gem because it had restaurants, fast food, souvenirs, boutiques, and just felt so alive. If you keep your eyes open you can even be transported back in time in the “Cheers” themed restaurant!  This is also a great area if you want to find a guided tour or hop on, hop off tour bus.  

 Jeans | Top is old Loft | Shoes | Tote | Jacket | Sunnies 


We strolled around the market for about an hour before deciding we were in need of some lunch before our taxi back to the airport.  Being in Boston, right on the water, I naturally needed to find some good seafood. One person recommended James Hook for lobster rolls, but we opted for a less casual option at the Sea Grille.  I had a cup of clam chowder with a piece of corn bread and a rose sangria. The clam chowder was absolutely delicious! I like to think it was the freshness of the ingredients that really made it stand out.  There was even a fresh clam on the top for me to eat! If seafood isn’t your thing, my mom had a massive cheeseburger with fries that she said was very good as well, she ate nearly the whole thing so I believe her.    

I definitely don’t feel like we saw the whole city, but we got a taste of it in our short time there and now we know a little more about it!  In the future I would add in visiting the public library as its supposed to be beautiful, one of the multiple sporting event options, and maybe even a boat tour whale watching or to one of the harbor islands.  

Would you be up for a quick trip like this somewhere or do you like a longer stay??
XOXO, Cierra

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