Getting the Perfect Summer Glow

     I\’ve been so excited to write this post for awhile now because I\’m such a fan.  I got my first spray tan a few weeks ago and instantly realized I had seriously been missing out!  I was always so scared to try it because I had only heard horror stories of people turning orange.  I researched it a lot and realized that nowadays it\’s a lot easier to look natural & honestly I just didn\’t want to be pale on spring break.  I\’m now about to get my third and thought I\’d share my experiences 🙂 

Dress (similar) | Shoes | Bag

     Before I went for the first time I read the instructions on what to do and found I needed to shower, exfoliate & shave before going, but not apply any lotion or deodorant.  I did that all the night before my appointment.  The morning of the tan I wore a strapless bra, thong, running shorts, loose t-shirt & flip flops.  I was really intimidated when I was told to remove my clothes and put the hair net/foot pads on.  I left my thong on just to see the difference in color & the woman who did the spraying came back in.  She put lotion on my hands to keep them from being extra dark and started spraying.  It was awkward at first but this is literally their job, they really don\’t care about looking at you other than to tan you.  I asked her not to spray my face since my make up is so fair and the whole process took less than 10 minutes.  The spray is a little chilly, but totally bearable.  It\’s worth noting that bringing a bra was pointless because I didn\’t put it back on after so I wouldn\’t get marks.  I waited the recommended 8 hours to shower & I really loved the color it cured to (it was super dark while it was curing and I was really scared but after the shower it was the perfect color!).  I\’ll be honest that this tan didn\’t last long because I really didn\’t keep up with lotioning like I should have, but even with that it stayed about 5 days!

     The second time I went I did all the same things except the morning of the tan, rather than the night before.  I also opted to just wear a t-shirt dress, thong & flip flops this time.  The process was the exact same, except I forgot to mention I didn\’t want my face done and it was too late once I realized it.  After having my face done now I see it is kind of a lot for me and I\’ll be sure to opt out of it next time.  This tan was the day before my sorority\’s senior photos so I really tried to take extra care with it.  I waited the 8 hours required before shower and religiously put on lotion every morning and night to hopefully lengthen the lifetime of the tan.  The new dilemma I had this round was I workout every day when I\’m home, an issue I didn\’t have on spring break.  I researched some more and found that you can definitely still work out with a tan, you just have to care for it a little more.  I\’ve been trying to wear seamless leggings and put extra lotion on under my sports bra before each workout.  I really think lots of lotion has been a game changer because my tan is still super even basically everyone except my armpits, which I knew would be nearly impossible to avoid.  




     I love the convenience of being able to get a quick tan and not have to plan ahead to lay out.  It also has given me a huge confidence boost, especially when I had to wear a white dress for photos.  I can\’t wait for my next one in May!  If you\’re on the fence about it, definitely give it a try, and if you\’re local visit Beach Bunnie!  But also don\’t wait to do it right before a huge event if it\’s your first time, give some leeway in case it doesn\’t turn out how you\’d hoped. 

XOXO, Cierra

6 thoughts on “Getting the Perfect Summer Glow

  1. I have never gotten a spray tan because of all the horror stories too! Thanks for sharing your experience. p.s. it looks amazing on you!


  2. I need to get a summer glow, thanks for sharing!


  3. This was so much fun to read!


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