Currently Reading

     Ever since I was little I\’ve always enjoyed reading, I read the whole Twilight and Hunger Games series in a few days in middle school, but being in college has kept me super busy and I let my reading take a back burner.  This year I\’ve taken a lot more time to catch up on books I\’ve wanted to read.  

     I enjoy most genres; biographies, mystery, self-help, fiction, comedies, etc.  But if I don\’t like a book while I\’m reading it, it takes forever for me to finish it (I never stop midway through).  Some of the one\’s I\’ve read so far I didn\’t like to start, but then I got super into them, and others I finished in a day.  So I\’m going to stick with those types of categories and list them out that way.

Books I Read in One Day
  • Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell: My first read of the year!  This book, along with the following two, were suggested to me by a friend.  Turns out she know what she was talking about because this book was hilarious.  If you know about, or have partaken in, Greek life you\’ll especially enjoy it, but no it\’s not always like Bell depicts it!    
  • White Girl Problems by Babe Walker: This book was also hilarious and super relatable as a young woman.  Babe struggles through what everyone does, with just a lot more money and designer clothes.  
  • Psychos by Babe Walker: This is the sequel to White Girl Problems (eep there\’s a third, too!) and honestly once you read the first one you won\’t be able to stop so you should probably buy them all at once.  I\’m working on the third as I type this.

Books I Liked but Took Longer to Read
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: This book is set in Europe at the start of WWII and focuses on a young girl.  I have always been really fascinated with this time period and will pick up basically any book set in it.  This book took me over a year to get into just because there is a lot of background info given to set up the plot, but once I got past that I really loved this book and was sad to finish it.  It definitely had a lot of sad parts, but there are also funny and cheerful parts.  
  • Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: My mom recommended this book to me after she read it, and it\’s been made into a movie, so I gave it a shot.  This also took me a few days to get into, but again after that it was a really enjoyable read.  The antics of this family are so funny and they just keep going throughout the whole book.  
  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed: I picked this book up after I saw the movie previews and it\’s not a typical book I would read just since it\’s very outdoorsy.  However, it also has other aspects of personal growth, self-empowerment, and comedy.  It was an easy read and actually made me really really interested the PCT hike.  
Books I\’m Reading Next

What are you currently reading?? I always love new suggestions 🙂
XOXO, Cierra     

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  1. Wow so insightful


  2. WOW the girl who suggested the first 3 is super smart and knows her funny books


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