Happy National Margarita Day!

     It has come to my attention that National Margarita Day is February 22nd (it\’s actually a real thing).  While I have never celebrated this holiday before, I\’m pretty sure it\’ll soon be one of my favorites.  Flashback to awhile ago when I thought I hated tequila, margaritas, and everything closely related any of that (so sad, I know).  Little did I know that they would soon be my go-to drink, right behind vodka sodas.  To celebrate National Margarita Day, I put together a list of my fav recipes I\’ve tried so you can whip them up & celebrate too!  Add some chips and dip in cute bowls like my margarita glass plates, fun margarita glasses, and drink umbrellas to create your own little fiesta!

  •  My absolute fav recipe is the Black Grape Marg I posted awhile back.  It is so refreshing, and even a little healthy!

  • Next, Prickly Pear Margs are a staple in the Southwest, they\’re sweet and tangy.  You\’ll need prickly pear syrup to make them, but that\’s what makes them so much more unique since that\’s not a common flavor in drinks!

  • Mangoritas, do I really need to add anything to this? They\’re like a vacation in a glass.

  •  Rodeo-Rita.  You probably have no idea what this is an maybe you think it even sounds a little tacky, fine you can think that but hear me out.  This marg is made with Pendleton Whisky instead of tequila, and while that does sound odd, IT IS SO GOOD.  I discovered this when I was in Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and it was all I drank the rest of the weekend.

  • Last, strawberry-peach frozen margaritas.  I\’m so excited to make these when it warms up and sip them by the pool.  They taste like a tequila smoothie, in the best way possible, and since they don\’t use a mix they\’re even a little healthy.
How will you be celebrating??
XOXO, Cierra

1 thought on “Happy National Margarita Day!

  1. I live for the margs – myles


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