Carry-On Must Haves

     Recently I\’ve been travelling more than I normally do during the semester for veterinary school interviews!  In January it was Columbus, Ohio and this weekend it\’s Ewing, Virginia!  It\’s been super exciting, but having to pack and do my school stuff at the same time has been a little stressful.  What has been the most helpful is leaving my carry-on tote packed with the essentials so I don\’t have to worry about forgetting anything in that realm.  Basically every trip I take, I bring the same things to make the flight easy breezy.  

     I usually only travel with a tote (this Kate Spade Cameron Street tote is the perfect size!!) and a small roller bag, so the tote is always loaded to the brim.  First and foremost, I bring lots of snacks like peanut butter crackers and Bel-Vita bars.  These are perfect for traveling because they\’re small and non-perishable, but still keep you full if you can\’t grab real food without being super unhealthy.     Another must-have is a notebook and pen because you really never know when you might need to jot something down or leave a note.  This set is small and so cute to keep in your purse, I got a different color combo and love them!  You can\’t forget the everyday things like sunglasses, your wallet, a book, a water bottle, and your charger too.


     I also always carry Evian mist, Visine eye drops, Kleenex, Tisserand\’s Energy essential oil (incredible for a quick pick me up), and a mini Vaseline tub.  Evian mist prevents your face from the normal dryness that occurs when you\’re flying, Visine refreshes dry and tired eyes, and Vaseline is the only thing that keeps my lips from being super chapped.  

     Lastly, my go-to lipstick, lotion, a nail file, and hand sanitizer also make it into the bag.  I make sure to keep all the toiletry type items in a little separate bag in case there\’s any spills my book and wallet won\’t be ruined.     

Any fun trips coming up for you??
XOXO, Cierra

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