A Review of the Best Carry-On Bag & Updated Packing List

I\’ve been on the hunt for a better carry-on bag for years.  I\’ve tried designer totes, backpacks, duffel bags and nothing seemed to hold enough and when they did it was never organized well.  Recently I stumbled upon the Baggallini Overnight Expandable Laptop Tote with RFID Phone Wristlet and let me tell you, IT\’S A GAME CHANGER!  

I waited to share anything about it until I had fully tried it out and now, after 6+ flights with it, I stand by my statement.  When I got this bag in the Charlotte Airport, I already had a carry-on tote and roller bag so in order to buy it I had to find somewhere to put it.  I kid you not, I fit my entire carry-on tote into this bag and continued carrying it like that for the rest of the week.  That just goes to show how much it can hold & it still fit under the seat on each plane.  There is a zipper on the bottom that allows the bag to extend out further for weekend trips, but even with my whole tote inside it I didn\’t have to extend it.

Not only can this bag be carried as a tote, it also has a cross body strap if that\’s more your style.  Aside from these two straps, my number one favorite feature is the third strap on the back that attaches it to my roller bag.  This strap allows it to sit on top of my carry-on roller bag without falling off as I\’m on the go!  I will never purchase another carry-on bag that doesn\’t have this strap.

I also love the variety of pockets it has.  There\’s a slip pocket for a laptop or tablet, a slip pocket outside for a phone, a zipper pocket inside and 2 outside, a snap closure drop pocket outside and it comes with a little travel wristlet that offers RFID protection.  If you aren\’t taking advantage of RFID protection when you travel, its a must!  It keeps hackers from being able to steal your card information via scanners.  I use these sleeves on my debit and credit card normally, but having the option to put them in the wristlet and transfer it from the tote to my day-to-day purse is so convenient.  

Now that I have this tote I also wanted to share what I\’m filling it with on my trips lately.  So here are my carry-on must haves:

Sheet masks to combat dehydration
Disinfectant wipes for the seat, air vent, and tray table area 
Water bottle (I love this one because it can do hot tea or cold water!)
• Snack bag with tea bags, crackers, granola bars, and hard candies
• Current book and reading glasses
• Sunglasses
• Bag with chargers and earbuds, all organized with twist ties
• iPad
• Pen and notepad
• My retainer (especially on overnight flights so I can sleep with peace of mind that my teeth aren\’t shifting), pills, and vitamins
Bag with emergency medicines like Tums, Benadryl, and Tylenol
• A wrap to use as a blanket, scarf, or towel
• On longer trips I also include the Trtl pillow hooked to one of the straps (it is amazing to help you actually get some sleep on flights!) and compression socks to help with circulation!

I want to know what your travel must-haves are and if you think there\’s a better travel bag out there let me know so I can give it a try!
XOXO, Cierra

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