Business Casual: Cold Weather Edition

Let me tell you, I thought having to dress in business casual everyday for class would be so fun!  Who wouldn\’t want to pick out cute outfits everyday, right?  Well, that lasted about a week until I realized that I missed my leggings and athleisure clothes.  While Arizona may not get as cold as other areas, we do still have a little bit of Fall & Winter seasons!  Not to mention, sometimes the lecture halls feel like it\’s winter, even in early August.  

After a full year of classes and switching up my wardrobe, I finally think I\’ve got it down!  I figured I can\’t be the only one who has a dress code to follow so now I\’m going to share my 5 favorite outfits I\’ve put together for the colder Fall and Winter weather.  Each piece can be mixed in with tons of other options for both warm and cold weather, but I\’ll come back to some warm weather outfits in a future post!  All links are to the exact brand, though some of the styles are older so I linked the most similar newer ones that are available.

Shoes (old White House Black Market) | Pants | Top | Backpack

To start, I walk to and from class everyday so finding a good pair of shoes that still fit the dress code was priority number one.  The shoes in this post are amazing.  They have been put to the test and passed with flying colors; no blisters or aching feet!  I love the support they offer since I not only walk a lot now, but will be on my feet a lot in my future rotations.  

Shoes | Pants | Top | Belt | Tote | Earrings

For bottoms I had to really search to find quality ones that still fit me well.  I found that the cheaper brand ones I started with didn\’t breathe well and stretched out so quickly.  Loft, Express, and Calvin Klein have been my saving grace with this.  I tried to stock up on neutral colors and patterns so I could re-wear them, while still looking fresh.  For class I wear pants, skirts, and dresses with equal frequency, but I believe once I\’m in rotations I will mainly be wearing pants for more comfort and mobility.
The last thing I want to touch on is accessories for these outfits.  I like to keep my jewelry simple with just some stud earrings or subtle statement earrings, a dainty necklace, and if I don\’t have any labs that day, some rings.  On days I know I have labs I avoid jewelry so I won\’t have to remove it in the locker room.  To keep all my things together I use a backpack, though I also often see large totes carried in class, it\’s really up to personal preference on what\’s more comfortable for you.
These outfits will be on repeat all season long because they are the perfect mix of warmth, comfort, and style.  I\’m definitely not an expert on winter outfits but I hope you found this helpful!  Do you have any questions I didn\’t cover about what I wear for class that I can include in the warm weather wardrobe post?  
XOXO, Cierra

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