The Must-Have Event Bag

     Even though football season is coming to an end soon, it isn\’t quite done yet.  Plus, basketball season has just begun, New Year\’s is right around the corner, and there\’s always an upcoming festival to attend.  What do all these have in common?  Only clear purses are allowed in!  This new rule started popping up at events here and there last year, now it\’s basically implemented at every large event across the country.  

     I scored this adorable BCBG bag before I even realized how necessary a clear bag was.  I take it to all my school\’s football games, and most recently, the Great Tucson Beer Festival!  It was the 31st annual festival and my first time partaking in the festivities now that I\’m 21.  Each admission came with a souvenir beer glass and 24 sampling tickets.  My boyfriend and I went around the booths at least 4 times and still couldn\’t finish all our tickets.  I did, however, discover some things.  First, I am most definitely not a fan of dark beers.  Second, you might joke about the people with the necklaces of pretzels hanging around their necks walking around the festival, but just wait, you\’ll realize how smart they actually are.  Lastly, my new personal favorite beer is the Sierra Nevada Otra Vez.  It is sweet, yet sour, and very light.  I also really liked the Stella Artois Cidre, plus how could you not with this adorable set up?        

     I\’ve found a few other clear bags, since the one I have is no longer sold.  The Packed Party Stadium Bag is so cute, not to mention you can choose from five colors!  They also carry a really cute Stadium Tote Bag with glitter on it in case you need more space.  The Clear Lucite Clutch is another fun crossbody option that could easily be dressed up or worn casually.  Lastly, backpacks are great for festivals and this Urban Outfitters Backpack is the perfect size for the necessities!  Where will you be taking your clear bag??

XOXO, Cierra

2 thoughts on “The Must-Have Event Bag

  1. This is a great bag, would be perfect for the all the country concerts we attend, I am going to check out your recommendation and see if I can order it.


  2. Yes it would be perfect for that! Glad you liked it 😊


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