Make your own day

     Recently now more than ever I have been reiterating what my mom always tells me, \”there will always be someone that ruins your day if you let them\”.  It\’s so incredibly true.  Whether that be at work, school, in your personal life, or wherever, there is always someone who says something or does something that brings you down a little.  I have learned that while this does happens, you definitely don\’t have to let it make or break your time.

     As I talked about in the last post, time is so important and no one wants to spend theirs feeling down or worrying about a negative thing someone else did or said.  So here\’s some tips I\’ve been using to overcome the \”Debbie-Downers\” of the world:

     1. Focus on you

When something comes along and sours your day, spend more time thinking about yourself than that negativity.  Think of deadlines you have to work towards, events coming up, what you\’ll make for dinner.  These are things that are actually worthy of your attention.

     2. Don\’t be catty back

So much of the time I have a great remark to respond back when someone isn\’t nice or I want to defend myself if someone is being negative.  In the end it really isn\’t worth the time and energy, whatever happened is in the past now and holds no power over you and your day.  If that person wants to have a bad day, that\’s their choice, but trying to be at their level only hurts you.  

     3. Vent, don\’t gossip

After someone does something negative it\’s our first reaction to tell someone about it.  This is fine as long as you keep it to just that one trusted person and you get it off your chest, but don\’t go to everyone you know and bash the other person.  They could have lashed out at you because they have things of their own going on, until we\’ve walked in their shoes we never really know.  Venting is okay and healthy, gossiping can end up hurting someone else in the end.  
I hope some of this helps you all have good days, even if others bring you down! The most important thing is to make sure you aren\’t the one bringing others down, even on accident.  With so much going on in the world that isn\’t positive, the least we can do is be kind to each other.  

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XOXO, Cierra   

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