Tillandsia: Air Plants

     When I went to the local nursery a few weeks ago with my aunt and mom I was set on getting a succulent for my room. I have limited space near the windows so my options were getting very slim. I needed something small enough to fit into a tiny pot that could sit on my window sill. I wasn\’t finding much, until I stumbled upon the air plants (scientifically called Tillandsia). They are the cutest little things, they come in a variety of shapes and don\’t need to be watered or in dirt! You soak them once a week in water for about 30 minutes and spray them each day with water.  They sit in sand, rocks, or whatever you want! 

     I put mine in sand with a shell and a piece of coral I picked up in the USVI, I liked this particular airplant because it kind of looks like an octopus. The round shaped ones are also super cute. They make the perfect addition to any space, big or small.  I\’ve also ordered some off Amazon as well in case you can\’t find any nearby! 

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