Everyone needs a little more, can you guess what it is?

      With school back in session for all grade levels now, I thought what better time to talk about everyone\’s favorite subject; time. Like the title suggests everyone needs a little more time no matter if you\’re a student, working full-time, or doing anything else. Now this is a dilemma because time isn\’t something you can just add more of into your days, the key issue comes down to time management and planning.

      Before I started college I tried really hard to keep a planner to help organize what I had to do [mainly because planners are so cute and I wanted to use one], but somehow every year I used it for about a week and proceeded to forget about it after that. Today, I\’m not sure I would get anything done without my planner and I\’m positive if I did get anything done it would all be done late.  

     I\’ve narrowed down some things that caused the flip from not using a planner at all to keeping it with me at all times.  
          1. When you write down things they become a priority.  The same logic that says when you write notes you learn it faster goes for tasks and deadlines, when you write them down you can see them and they become more important.
           2. Writing things down allows you to visually plan and allocate time. If your day starts to fill up you know you\’ll be busy and maybe it\’s not a great day to binge watch Netflix, but on the other hand if you\’re all caught up then you can treat yourself, it\’s right in front of you to see. 

     Now the scary part; how the heck do I set up my planner, what kind of planner should I get, are stickers really important? [Let\’s just answer #3 now because stickers are always important]. Planner types really are a personal decision. My personal favorite is the Large Lilly Pulitzer Agenda because if comes in new, fun prints every year, it\’s set up with weekly and monthly pages.  In the weekly pages it\’s broken down by day with tons of room to write. Plus, it has a folder in the front to hold things and comes with stickers!  I use the stickers to mark upcoming events, brighten up really busy weeks, and literally for anything else I can think of.  I also use different highlighters to keep homework and deadlines separate from events.  This one works really well for me because I have daily assignments, daily meetings, and just generally a lot going on.  My mom has a completely different wish list for her planners because she doesn\’t need as much space daily as I do.  Her favorite is the Lilly Pulitzer Monthly Agenda, which is currently sold out but I know they\’ll be bringing back new versions for next year.  This one is great because it features stickers, fun designs, and a folder, while also being thinner due to less pages.  It has monthly pages instead of daily pages so you can easily see what you have going on over a longer time period at a glance.  

     Like I said before, it all comes down to personal preference.  I had to try out a few brands before I found one that worked, as well as other systems of organizing them.  In the end it\’s completely worth finding one that\’s right for you and your life, it will help so much when it comes to managing your time and organizing everything that\’s going on!  What\’s your go to planner?

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XOXO, Cierra 

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