About Me

     Welcome to XOXO, Cierra!  I started this in June 2013, but decided to revamp everything in September of 2017.  A little background on me…I\’m an only child and have lived my whole life in Arizona.  Besides my parents, my immediate family has always consisted of a variety of animals; from mini burros and pigs, to dogs and horses.  Currently I am studying Veterinary Science at the University of Arizona and I will graduate in May.  I finalized my applications for veterinary school in September and after graduation and will pursue a career with large animals.  In my free time I can be found working out (currently my favorites are cycling and HIIT classes), looking for new bar cart decorations, or testing new brunch locations.

     On XOXO, Cierra you can look forward to seeing a little of everything; travel, cooking, home decor, fashion, school, and life posts just to name a few categories.  I hope for my posts to be very relatable, and if there is anything you ever want to see that I\’m missing feel free to shoot me a message or email!

XOXO, Cierra

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