1 Day in…Sedona, AZ

With the weather still being warm in Phoenix it\’s always a good idea to find some ways to cool down.  One of my new favorite ways is to escape to Sedona for the day!  It\’s a quick 2 hour drive from Phoenix and at least a 10 degree difference in temperature.  This was my second time driving up for the day and it is honestly the perfect escape.  For this trip I like to pack a backpack or CamelBak, sunscreen, plenty of water, snacks, and layers since it can be a little chilly or even sprinkle!  

Food in Sedona can be pricey, so if you\’re budgeting I would recommend packing a lunch and snacks!  We forgot this and ended up grabbing sandwiches at Red Rock Deli before we ventured out to hike!

After you\’re in town I highly recommend heading for the Devil\’s Bridge Trail.  It can be found off Dry Creak Road where there is a parking area, public restrooms, and a nice little map to decide which trail you want to take.  I prefer the Dry Creek Road Trail over the others because it is quicker and easier, in total about 2 and a half hours including photo stops.  

Once you head out from the parking area you come to this sign on a dirt road.  The first 3/4 of the 3.6 miles is a lot like this dirt road, nothing really intense to walk through.    
After about 15-20 minutes of walking you will reach the trailhead!  From here you only have about 2.5 more miles to go, again it really is pretty flat terrain still.

The last 30 minutes or so are when it starts to get a little more difficult.  There are about 4 sets of dirt stairs to get up, but I have seen people of all ages on the trail doing just fine!

The first main view area at about the 3/4 mark shows off the surrounding mountains beautifully and is a great option for selfies!  There\’s also amazing plant life along the whole trail, like this blooming prickly pear so be sure to keep your eyes open.  There can also be wildlife like snakes, scorpions, and other animals on the trail to be cautious of.
At this point you\’re so close to the bridge!!  About 10 minutes before you\’re there you\’ll hit two steep incline step areas.  These are more difficult than the previous ones but there are plenty of areas to hold onto to get yourself up.  If you take your time there shouldn\’t be any issue getting through it!  I promise that even though the last bit is a little intimidating, it is well worth it!

This is the Devil\’s Bridge!  It is a natural structure and even more incredible in person.  It\’s wider in person than it seems so taking pictures isn\’t terrifying but please be cautious, there\’s no need to do anything crazy or dangerous just for a photo.  If you can\’t get enough of the views there\’s a ton of other trails to hike and quite a few options available to stay for a few days.

How have you been escaping the summer heat?
XOXO, Cierra

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