Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

Today marks the start of my Thanksgiving Break from school, with this comes some much needed time to relax and finally get into the holiday spirit!  This time of year it always seems like the holidays sneak up on you before you know it.  Most of the time that\’s okay, but some things you have to do ahead of time; in this case I\’m talking about holiday cards!  Sending out Christmas cards has always been a tradition in my family and even when I was little I loved to open up the cards we received.  This year I\’m finally sending out my own cards for the first time!  

I think sending out holiday cards is a fantastic way to stay connected with family and friends, because sure they see your Facebook posts but how often do you actually print a photo or write a letter anymore?  Probably not often, and holiday cards capture both of those aspects.  Not to mention they are so easy to create and customize!!

Basic Invite offers more than 500 creative holiday cards to choose from (including holiday party invitations!), along with over 180 different color options and over 40 envelope colors to completely personalize your design.  I love all of this because even though you can customize basically everything, it\’s still so simple to make your Christmas cards online!!  They even can send you a custom sample of your design so you can make sure everything is perfect, which is incredible.  If you think it isn\’t already easy enough, they also have an Address Capturing Service so you don\’t have to ask everyone, because let\’s be honest who keeps track of everyone\’s addresses?  

I know I cannot wait to find my perfect card for this year, I\’m thinking something red with silver foil and a photo from my white coat ceremony!  Go find your dream card and right now you can use the code \”holi30\” to get 30% off!  Seems like a good sign to get a head start on the holiday to-do list.  

Let me know what designs you go with!!
XOXO, Cierra

Brought to you by Basic Invite

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