We\’re Getting Spooky this Month!

     This month I could barely wait to decorate for Halloween!  I\’ve picked up so many fun things over the past few years so I really love putting it all together.  While I do love decorating for Halloween, I don\’t like things to get too scary because I am a huge bit of a wimp haha, so most of my decorations are cute or funny, rather than scary or gory.  Including my themed t-shirts, like this witchy wine one!  

The only exception to this non-scary rule is my newest addition, a giant spider my mom found for me.  Fortunately, the little guy just fit in so well I couldn\’t say no.

I mean just look at the furry thing!  I was looking for something to fill that space anyway, maybe he\’ll stay up year round.  

As for the rest of my apartment, I just added some things here and there where I had space.  The tassel garland and mini pumpkins (black & white ones, pastel ones) spruced up the TV area, along with my awesome letter board featuring a ghost design I found on Pinterest.  I also love to add real pumpkins because who can resist buying them when you see them set out around grocery stores and shops!  I added them this year to the coffee table bowl.  

The bar cart has candy, of course!  Along with my favorite sassy napkins from the Target dollar section and an assortment of skulls.  This eat, drink & be scary sign (similar) was originally supposed to go on my front door, but since I was gifted a beautiful fall wreath this year it made it\’s way here!  

Speaking of the wreath, here it is!  I haven\’t ever had a wreath before, now I think I\’ll need one for every holiday.  I also scored this doormat for under $10!!  Definitely stocked up on ones for Thanksgiving & Christmas too because you literally cannot beat that price for how cute they are.  

Naturally, to match my sassy napkins I had to have sassy dish towels.  Target never disappoints when I need to find some.

I also became a person I never thought I would when I was decorating, someone who changes out their pillows.  I\’ve always been so confused by people who do this; where do their other pillows go?  How do they afford so many pillows?  Why even bother??  Well, to start I found these burnt orange velvet beauties for $24 total at HomeGoods!  For the part about where the old ones go, I have a bin of extra bedding for guests that I added them to, nothing too complicated there.  And lastly, why bother??  Because it\’s so fun and makes you feel so mature when you can switch from your summer pillows to fall pillows, I swear try it.  

How are you celebrating for the upcoming holiday in your home??  
  XOXO, Cierra

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