Thankful, not just one day, but everyday!

     First of all, Happy late Thanksgiving!  Yesterday was all about thinking of what we\’re each thankful for and showing gratitude.  That is fantastic, but why limit it to just one day a year??  Many studies have actually shown that daily gratitude can improve your health, sleep, career, and relationships.  That seems like a lot of big benefits for something so simple, but daily gratitude really can affect out lives by taking the focus off ourselves and material things.  
      So, now that I\’ve told you how helpful being thankful more than one day a year is, how do we start? It\’s quite easy really, there\’s plenty of opportunities to show your gratitude in your own life or towards others.  

          1. Write Thank-You Notes.  They\’re often forgotten, yet when sent they can really make someone\’s day!  It only takes a few minutes to jot down your thanks for a favor, a gift, or simply for having them in your life.  It\’s even easier because the Target dollar section usually has packs of really cute cards to use for any occasion.  
          2. Take 5 minutes each day to write down a few things your thankful for.  Writing them down really allows you to take the time and acknowledge each thing.

         3. Find somewhere to volunteer.  This doesn\’t necessarily have to be a daily thing, but volunteering can really show you even more to be grateful for and help foster relationships while making a difference!

     These are a few things I like to do to implement gratitude into my life, but there are so many different ways to do it!  I encourage you to find what\’s best for you and give it a shot.  What better time to start than on a day that is all about this!

What ways do you bring gratitude into your life???
XOXO, Cierra

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