Fall Bar Cart: All Things Copper

    I\’m firmly on the team of not skipping Thanksgiving decorations.  Nothing is more saddening to me than seeing Christmas decor start immediately following Halloween.  We still have two months!!  Anyway, Thanksgiving is such a nice holiday to gather with family, think about the blessings in your life, and of course enjoy yummy food!  Since it\’s November now, and I refuse to decorate for Christmas this early, this months bar cart is just what you\’d expect; Thanksgiving themed!   

     When I think of Thanksgiving and November, I think of the colors of leaves.  That\’s what I based this cart on, with the addition of my new favorite of the season: copper!  How awesome is the giant copper shaker??  Plus, I got to use the candy corn once more since it\’s one of my least favorite candies and I never eat it.  

     Here\’s what you\’ll need to achieve a similar Thanksgiving cart: cute pumpkins, fun napkins, sweets of your choice, leaf bowl, bottle opener, giant shaker, pumpkin candle, festive tea towels, drink stirrers, and copper glasses!  

XOXO, Cierra 

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